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    The Shire of Arrowsreach

    What is Arrowsreach and the SCA?

    “Arrowsreach” is the abbreviated name for the Shire of Arrowsreach, who are a group of people who recreate the Medieval Period in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Arrowsreach is a growing family based Group which caters for everyone. Arrowsreach is a part of a large organisation known as the Society for Creative Anachronism.

    Combat At Arrowsreach you will find people who love history, armoured combat, unarmoured rapier combat, historic costuming, cooking, blacksmithing, archery, Heraldry, dancing, brewing, poetry, singing and most importantly, having fun.

    Anyone, no matter what age or level of interest, is welcome to come along to one of our meetings to find out what we are about. Please note minors (under 18yrs of age) will need to be accompanied by a parent/guardian.

    The SCA, as we call the organisation, started just over 40 years ago in the USA in San Francisco. Just as the century we live in has changed so too has the SCA. We now strive, through a variety of endeavours, to recreate the best parts of the Medieval Period (this time period stretches back into time from the death of Elizabeth R in 1603). You will see, in the SCA, Republican Romans rubbing shoulders with Elizabethan Nobles. An interesting Short History of Lochac makes an interesting read.

    We will supply you with information and a friendly face to explain to you what is going on. You may wish to check out our ”New Comers Guide” before attending a meeting, but this is not required.

    • How to make contact & get involved ?

    Come along to one of our meetings or contact Margie via seneschal@arrowsreach.com for further assistance.

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